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WEBCON BPS allows you to quickly build business applications without coding – for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. It also allows for flexible adaptation to the changing business needs. With WEBCON BPS, creating solutions that streamline processes – from supportive to mission-critical – is done in an agile and iterative way. In the era of digital transformation, it definitely makes it easier for organizations to gain a competitive advantage and maintain a market leader position.

What exactly is WEBCON BPS

WEBCON is a company founded in 2006 that provides the WEBCON BPS platform – a comprehensive low-code solution to support digital document workflows and business process digitization, automation and management.

WEBCON BPS helps businesses boost their productivity, improve business decisions and deliver savings through better process management. Applications delivered within the platform help organizations optimize their processes, automate repetitive tasks and get rid of paper by effectively leveraging IT technologies to support the existing business models and implement new ones.

By automating and digitizing their processes, enterprises can bring new quality to their daily operations and business management. In the age of digital revolution, this definitely helps them gain a competitive edge.

Digital document workflow, digitization and automation of business processes

WEBCON BPS is an integrated low-code BPM platform (Business Process Management) that helps companies effectively manage the workflow of tasks, information and documents to greatly accelerate and optimize business processes.

WEBCON BPS helps you create standardized low-code solutions (business applications) tailored to the evolving needs of your business (as opposed to the off-the-shelf solutions). It also significantly decreases the costs of delivery, maintenance, development and modification compared to classical tailor-made systems.

With wide-ranging functionalities, timely delivery of solutions, standardization and flexibility of the platform, the solutions delivered with WEBCON BPS are custom-fit to meet business needs and can be easily modified, evolved and maintained.

What makes the WEBCON BPS platform stand out from other business process automation and management solutions is the fact that it has been designed to support communication between IT departments and business users. Its individual features have been executed in a way that makes it easy to understand the application under development and contribute to the development process. We call it the Citizen-Assisted Development approach.

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    Why and when is it worth deploying WEBCON BPS in an organization?

    Do you want to streamline processes, cut operating costs, get rid of paper and manage tasks in a better way? Do you want to deliver digital transformation by digitizing, standardizing and automating business processes?

    Deployment of the WEBCON BPS platform to support document workflows and business processes will help you deliver these objectives and provide tangible and measurable benefits to many people across your business, on many different levels. Many of them are unique to this specific solution.

    Advantages to Board Members and Business Users:

    Automated, cost-optimized tasks provide financial, time and HR savings;
    WEBCON BPS provides comprehensive insights into processes across departments, branches and offices. Reports and analytical
    graphs are clearer, helping managers track progress and identify problems as they occur;
    Automation and standardization facilitate the implementation of best practices under any methodology (ISO, ITIL, Lean, Six
    Sigma etc.);
    The authentically paperless office means easy access to all of the necessary documents, data and e-mails – anywhere and
    Digital forms ensure accuracy of the input data. Smart workflow automation gives users the confidence that procedures and
    best practices are followed;
    All applications delivered as part of the platform are standardized: they share similar interfaces and work in a similar way, and so
    business users can quickly learn new solutions and reap the benefits of digitization;
    Staff members can focus on delivering tasks that are more valuable from the organization’s perspective rather than wasting
    their time on repetitive and tedious tasks that can easily be automated.

    Advantages for IT:

    From the IT perspective, a unified app platform that is home to dozens or even hundreds of business support apps provides a
    single system to manage and maintain, and this means a simplified, ordered and optimized architecture of your company’s IT
    A single platform means a single set of maintenance competences and lower staff risk; this reduces the shadow IT risk at your
    WEBCON BPS is a trusted tool that helps IT departments promptly address business needs without sourcing new off-the-shelf
    solutions. IT’s timely response to business needs usually eliminates the shadow IT risk;
    50% (or even more) faster application delivery times than other workflow systems and low-code platforms;
    The training of application developers and architects takes only 2 days. Building ready-made solutions

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