We are characterized by high business acumen, which is why we are able to perceive and manage four layers of projects.

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We believe that every company deserves successful digital transformation projects. That is why we provide our clients with our knowledge and competences in the field of digitization and optimization of business processes. At the same time, we ensure effective adaptation of users to new applications and processes.

GoNextStage values

At GoNextStage, we believe that our values are the strength of our team. Therefore, in our daily work, we keep in mind our values such as:

1. Mutual respect and support

2. Ability to listen and empathize

3. Responsibility and ownership of topics

4. Professionalism and diplomacy towards Customers and Employees

5. Continuous self-improvement, and thus GoNextStage

We support the wards of the Ocen Dreams Foundation

The Ocean of Dreams Foundation was established in May 2011.
The Foundation focuses its activities on discovering among boys and girls from Family Children’s Homes, Foster Families, Children’s Homes, their strengths, so that in everyday life they realize their dreams and achieve their goals, having with them a rich baggage of experience, gained on board of many a yacht and sailing ship.
It is on the lake, sea or ocean that they will discover new opportunities, find new friends, and learn to work in a group, where trust and responsibility is the basis of everyday life.

Over the past 13 years, more than 1,650 participants from Poland, and Ukraine, have taken part in foundation training and cruises.


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