Processes that we digitize most often.


Financial and accounting processes


Purchasing – the application allows the registration of purchase requests and their further approval. Separate order sub-processes for a given contractor are started from the requests, from which a PO document is generated. The fulfillment of orders can be monitored by linking them to invoices. It is also possible to integrate the process with ERP and other processes, i.e. offer circulation, contract circulation and others.


Cost invoice circulation – the process starts with capturing invoices from various sources, which can be a scanner, email or KSeF. Verification (including OCR) is then performed and the invoice is assigned to the appropriate business owner. Further on, the workflow goes through a substantive description with preliminary cost decreeing and the stages of acceptance and final verification in the finance and accounting department.


Investment projects – the process begins with the registration of investment projects, including all financial parameters and integration with budget plans. The circulation includes a multi-step approval process. The execution of the approved project is monitored through integration with the invoice process. Project budgets are revised and updated using separate sub-processes. Closing a capital project can initiate the fixed asset process.


Budgeting – an application that allows the creation of budget plans for MPKs or projects for the year by budget dimension and month. The process includes approval of plans and functions for revising and updating budgets. Once the plan is approved, the user can monitor its allocation and use through integration with the procurement, contract and invoice processes.

Financial and accounting processes

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