Get to know better the people who make up GoNextStage.

GoNextStage values

At GoNextStage, we believe that our values are the strength of our team. Therefore, in our daily work, we keep in mind our values such as:

1. Mutual respect and support

2. Ability to listen and empathize

3. Responsibility and ownership of topics

4. Professionalism and diplomacy towards Customers and Employees

5. Continuous self-improvement, and thus GoNextStage

GoNextStage Management

Stanislaw Korwin - Kossakowski

Senior Project Manager

Strategic Analyst

Co-founder of GoNextStage

Jacek Paudyn

Senior IT Architect

Co-founder of GoNextStage

Jacek Dróżdż

Business Partner at GoNextStage

GoNextStage Team

The GoNextStage team is made up of consultants with many years of experience who are passionate about their tasks in the areas:

  • Develop and implement digital transformation strategies to enable effective and efficient change in our clients’ organizations
  • Lead digital transformation projects
  • Business and system analysis
  • Low-Code/BPM solution architecture design and consulting
  • Deployments on low-code platforms and testing of built applications
  • Building optimal process architecture and adapting application users
  • Systems engineering
  • Development of dedicated applications (.NET)


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