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The use of low-code technology allows for effective adaptation to the changing business needs of customers

New IT quality

In order for today’s business to operate smoothly in a rapidly changing environment, it is obliged to quickly test and implement new IT solutions. Their primary task is, to optimize and facilitate the work that managers as well as subordinate employees do.

Low-code development platforms (LCDPs) are the answer. Today, these platforms are used to design and implement user interfaces, design business processes and automate them.

Low-Code Platforms

Low-code platforms eliminate the gap between business needs and delivered software. They offer a wide range of tools and capabilities that are differentiated to meet the specific needs of professional developers and business users. Programmers want to develop creative solutions to complex problems.
In addition, the low-code platform allows business users to create core productivity applications, while IT still has visibility into an organization’s application environment.

Low-code - what makes it different?

  • Speed of delivery (time to business): Code development is reduced to a minimum, we use off-the-shelf components that in no way limit us in building complex and functional solutions. Not only do we save time, but we also minimize the costs that are associated with application development. With low-code platforms, we can easily make changes to running solutions in a production environment.
  • Agility:: With low-code platforms, we can develop applications using an iterative method, meaning we can gradually refine, change and rework elements of a product or multiple products at once to work and focus on the big picture of the system being developed.
  • Engagement: Subsequent releases of the application allow business users to quickly become familiar with new features. This allows us to consult and implement changes to the solution on an ongoing basis. Reduced time of successive releases and efficient implementation of modifications, gives business users a sense of influence over the final shape and scope of the implemented solution.

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