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low-code platform for digitization and automation of business processes.

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WEBCON BPS allows you to quickly build business applications without coding – for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. It also allows them to flexibly adapt to changing business needs.
Creating solutions to improve processes – from supportive to critical – with WEBCON BPS is done in an agile and iterative manner. In this era of digital transformation, it definitely makes it easier for organizations to gain a competitive advantage and maintain their market leadership.

What exactly is Webcon BPS

WEBCON has been in business since 2006 and is the producer of WEBCON BPS, a comprehensive low-code platform for electronic document workflow and the digitization and automation of business processes.

WEBCON BPS enables IT departments to quickly build business applications without coding – for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and more. What is important and unique among other solutions of this class, the system also allows – flexibly and with immediate effect – to make changes and adapt solutions to dynamically changing needs and requirements (even when they are already operating in a production environment!).

Creating solutions to streamline and standardize processes is done in an agile and iterative manner. This significantly reduces the time to build and modify business applications and workflows, avoids technology debt and reduces project risk to a minimum.


Electronic workflow, process automation and business applications

WEBCON BPS is a comprehensive low-code BPM (Business Process Management) platform that allows you to effectively manage the flow (workflow) of tasks, information and documents and significantly streamline and optimize the business processes of an enterprise.

WEBCON BPS allows you to create standardized solutions (business applications) that perfectly match the current needs of your business (as opposed to so-called “boxed solutions”).

At the same time, it provides much lower costs for delivery, maintenance, development and modification than classic turnkey systems. The combination of a huge range of functionality, speed of solution delivery, standardization and flexibility of the system makes it possible to respond to the needs of the business practically on an ongoing basis, in accordance with the dynamics of changes occurring both within the organization and in its environment.


Business applications at your fingertips are a win-win for everyone

Do you want to streamline processes, reduce operating costs, get rid of paper and better coordinate tasks? Your goal is to implement the tenets of digital transformation by digitizing, standardizing and automating business processes?

Implementing the WEBCON BPS platform for workflow and business process support will allow you to achieve all the described objectives, as well as provide a number of measurable and tangible benefits for many people in the company – on several different levels. Many of them are unique to this particular solution

Board Benefits:

  • Automating tasks or optimizing them for cost provides financial, time and personnel savings.
  • WEBCON BPS provides an end-to-end view of the processes in all departments and establishments of a company.
  • Analytical reports and charts are clearer, allowing managers to track progress, identify emerging issues and respond in real time
  • Automation and standardization facilitates the introduction of best practices in each stream (ISO, ITIL, Lean, Six Sigma, etc.).

Benefits for Business Users:

  • An authentic "paperless office", access to all necessary documents, data and emails from anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy and intuitive operation of standardized applications, with an analogous interface regardless of the process.
  • Digital forms enforce the correctness of the data entered. Intelligent workflow automation reassures users of compliance with current procedures and best practices.
  • Employees use their skills and experience instead of wasting time performing repetitive, tedious tasks.

Benefits for IT Departments:

  • 50% (or even more) faster application delivery time compared to other workflow builders and low-code platforms.
  • It takes just 2 days to train developers and application architects. It takes less than 2 weeks to build finished solutions on its own, regardless of staff reshuffling and team expansion. 〉 Iterative, low-cost application building and deployment on the target environment in the time it usually takes.
  • Iterative, low-cost building of applications and deployment on the target environment in the time it usually takes to perform the requirements analysis itself.

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