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1. How is KSeF changing the invoice workflow process? A practical solution on WEBCON BPS


  1. Discussion of the cost invoice process on Webcon BPS integrated with KSeF
  2. Presentation of cost invoice workflow integrated with KSeF
  3. Support for attachments linked to cost invoices
  4. Integration of invoice workflow with other processes and IT systems in the company
  5. Sales invoices in KSeF a Webcon BPS
  6. Q&A session. Summary and conclusion of the meeting.
2. Contract Circulation at Webcon BPS.


  1. Introduction to the Contract Workflow Process
  2. Challenge 1 – Financial control
  3. Challenge 2 – Legal perspective (working out the content of the agreement)
  4. Challenge 3 – Management perspective
  5. Challenge 4 – Workflow Perspective
  6. Challenge 5 – Archiving contracts
  7. Summary
3. How to digitize HR processes using low-code platforms?


  1. Introduction
  2. Delegations and settlement of employees
  3. Employee goals (OKR AND MBO)
  4. Onboarding and offboarding of employees
  5. Social Benefits Fund processes
  6. Summary
Download Starterpack

GoNextStage StarterPack is a document with a description of 3 basic processes with which to start digitizing in a company.
In the document you will find descriptions and a diagram of the following processes:

  1. e-Courier – the process of handling incoming and outgoing correspondence
  2. Invoice Circulation – the process of circulation and acceptance of cost invoices
  3. Contract Circulation – the process that manages the life cycle of a contract in an organization

Are you thinking about digitizing your company’s processes based on a BPM / low-code platform?

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UX/UI guide dedicated to the WEBCON BPS platform.

The GoNextStage guide is a collection of best practices for designing the UX/UI of business applications based on the WEBCON BPS platform. You will find practical tips and knowledge ready to use right away.

Make user adaptation to new applications in WEBCON BPS even easier and interaction with applications more intuitive than before.


Efficient digital adaptation is key to the success of the entire project

What is digital adaptation?

An extremely important part of any project is the proper introduction of business users to new applications. Efficient digital adaptation is the key to the success of the whole project!

Digital adaptation is not just a process of onboarding new users of an IT system.

It's all about making sure users are comfortable with new applications and at the same time making sure they get help exactly when they need it.

Long and boring training courses on how to launch new business applications are a thing of the past. Provide support to users exactly when they need it. Meet Enlight.

User adaptation - What is Enlight?

Enlight is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) application, which is an additional software layer integrated with another application that guides and supports users in completing tasks assigned in the business application.

It is designed to help new users quickly learn how to interact with the application, as well as to help returning users adopt newly implemented system features.

The benefit of the Digital Adoption Platform class is that users don't have to remember what they "learned" during the company's launch training for the new application, because the DAP platform will support them on an ongoing basis in navigating the application and keeping an eye on the completion of the tasks they have been assigned.

Enlight application - Digital Adoption Platform


Contextually directs the user to complete a task through interactive visual cues and properly placed prompting content


Rapid time to deploy users to the new solution improves productivity and speed of organizational growth


Improving the UX of an application helps minimize the barriers and frustrations associated with implementing change within a company


Change from reactive to proactive model, support users at the click of a mouse

For more information about the Enlight application, see the file below

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