Administrative processes

Administrative processes affect the operations of the entire organisation, constituting a specific corporate bloodstream of information, documents and issues. Efficient flow of documents and information, appropriate distribution of issues, automation of repetitive tasks, providing remote work opportunities for employees are the key tasks of administration departments of any organisation.

Digital Mailroom

The administration office is one of the crucial departments in an organisation. This is where all incoming correspondence to the company is received and mailings are sent. This department has a significant impact on the efficiency of the organisation. The digital transformation of the office processes involves the digitisation of all incoming documents and their further proper distribution in the organisation. The digitised documents can then be combined with other processes related to, for example, contract lifecycle management, purchasing processes or case management.

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    Key business benefits

    Elimination of paper document workflow
    Quick access to all information registered in the company
    Time optimisation and control over the timeliness of responses to formal letters
    Remote access to documents due to archiving of incoming and outgoing documentation in a digital way
    Possibility of combining correspondence into cases and case folders
    Optimisation of administrative costs

    Purchase requisition process

    Proper planning of purchases and cost management often requires an appropriate process with the possibility of access for a larger group of users in the company. Registered requisitions may be the basis for launching the processes of purchasing materials or services. The process includes the stages of budget and substantive verification. It is also based on proper approval processes.

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      Key business benefits

      Ability for employees to quickly register their needs
      Records of all demands (requestions) in the organisation
      Optimise material delivery terms
      Support for rational supply planning
      Evaluation of the materials offered by a given contractor
      Better control of availability and consumption of office supplies

      Case Management Process

      A universal process that allows users to handle various types of company matters. Frequently, this process is used for ad-hoc assignment of tasks and collaboration on documents. The case owner monitors the status of individual tasks and controls the timeliness of their completion. In specific business cases, a case may be approved in accordance with a specific scheme.

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        Key Business Benefits

        Ability to register various types of cases ad-hoc
        Dynamic assignment of tasks to specific people or company departments
        Different modes of accepting cases (majority, one of many, etc.)
        Integration with qualified digital signature
        Work on a shared MS Office document
        Easy case reconsideration in justified business cases
        Status monitoring of issues and user tasks

        Other processes we digitise

        Applications for the Management Board

        Resolutions and Orders

        Management of powers of attorney

        Help Desk

        Audit and Quality Management

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