Start your digital transformation

Start your digital transformation

Our vision and mission

We believe that every company deserves
successful digital transformation projects.
Therefore, we provide our customers with
knowledge, experience and competencies
regarding digitization and optimization of
business processes. Furthermore, we provide an effective adaptation to the new applications and processes.


We provide a practical knowledge and
experience in business processes digitalization

Building business applications

We analyze, build and deliver applications by using low-code platform

Supporting users

We use Enlight to support users in
adaptation to the new solutions

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Processes we streamline:

Administrative processes

Financial processes

Contract management processes

Other processes

Companies who trusted us


Webcon BPS

As a low-code platform, WEBCON BPS enables an effective and prospective handling all the business processes – operational as well as strategical ones.


Microsoft Office365 consists of applications and services that enable customers to develop a modern „Digital Workplace”


A cloud computing service created by Microsoft, based on Platform as a Service (Paas) model.

.NET Development

Software framework developed by Microsoft, used for building dedicated business applications.

Latest posts

Acceptance in business processes

Acceptance in business processes

One of the key stages of every business process is acceptance. Depending on the business process, it can be understood in various ways: it can mean the need to verify a document, to make a decision (e.g., on the allocation of a cost on an invoice), to legally verify a...

How Process Mining impact business processes optimization?

How Process Mining impact business processes optimization?

More and more often in business we come across the word process mining, which, as it turns out, gives us full and detailed knowledge about the actual processes in our organization. But what exactly the process mining is? Where did it start? I will try to answer these...

Every business process is a case management

Every business process is a case management

Every organization has internal business processes occurring in various areas of the company. Some of these business processes have already defined procedures and rules of documents, matters and tasks processing. They are imposed by law or they concern standardized...

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