Financial Processes

Well-functioning financial processes flow not only effectively support the execution of business strategies, but also facilitate everyday business decision-making. Nowadays, it is extremely important to make accurate and fast decisions based on reliable and up-to-date financial data.

Requesting quotation process


Purchasing and tendering teams usually work according to strictly defined procedures and processes. The request for quotation application allows to digitise these processes and effectively manage the stages of collecting, analysing and selecting offers from contractors. Standardising and structuring the process allows for the distribution of requests to contractors, precise comparison of offers and acceptance with selection stages.

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    Key business benefits

    Standardisation of the requestion quotation process in the organisation
    Automatic comparison of offers
    Database of contractor’s offers with full history of registration and changes to offer terms and conditions
    Generation and publication of request quotation for external users
    Integration with order approval process and contract lifecycle management
    Expandable with forms for external users to support offer normalization

    Internal purchase orders process

    All costs of an organisation should be reviewed and accepted before execution and settlement. Therefore, an important process from both the operational and financial controlling perspective is the proper ordering process. The Procurement application allows for a process-oriented purchase of goods or services in correlation with the proper budget, project or contract. Orders are verified and are accepted accordingly to proper workflow paths

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      Key business benefits

      Better control over expenses in the organisation
      Possibility of budget control of allocated costs within a department, project, etc.
      Faster order processing
      Reduced time of related invoices flow
      Order generation from templates
      Possibility to create orders from the tendering process or requestions
      Integration with external systems, e.g., ERP, Contractor Portal, BIM360
      Record of order conditions and their direct transfer to the contract process

      Invoice approval process

      The electronic invoice workflow process aggregates, manages and monitors all invoices received in both paper and digital form. According to the current approval process, invoices are validated, approved by individual organisational units, assigned to proper cost decree, and then they are archived and transferred to the ERP system. The invoices flow allows better monitoring and management of the money flow, and shortens the time needed for handling and describing cost documents.

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        Key business benefits

        Registration and status monitoring of all paper and digital invoices received by the company
        Ability to use the intelligent OCR module to automatically register and describe invoices
        Reduce time spent on accounting documents
        Improved cashflow, better planning and monitoring of company expenses
        Thanks to associated orders, the acceptance of invoices follows a simplified path
        Possibility of parallel approval of cost items of an invoice by responsible units
        Integration with ERP systems allowing unification of data dictionaries and automatic export
        Digital invoice archive allowing the user to find invoices according to any given search parameters
        Dynamic reports and statements allowing monitoring of the status of all invoices and diagnosis of bottlenecks in the process for further optimisation

        Other processes we digitise


        Quotation process

        Delegation processing

        Contractor Management

        Contract Lifecycle management

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